Abbey United Reformed Church, Romsey

A modern gargoyle

Above the front door of the church in the tower are some carvings which we think of as gargoyles. However, these sculptures are not depicting angry animals or devils that the term suggests but eccentricities of the architect to suggest the building is more ancient than it actually is. But on a damp day in January the gargoyles were joined by a more modern figure clinging to the wall.

John Horton hitched his mountaineering gear and lowered himself over the edge of the roof to open up a blocked water hopper. It is there to guide rainwater down to a gulley on the lower roof and eventually gushes out into the river by the church front garden.   What other talents are hidden within the church fellowship?   My guess is that we will need John's expertise again. Next time we will make sure that we are equipped with a camera to record the event. This ‘gargoyle’ was not of the scary medieval, devilish sort but one more modern and Christian.


  • This Sunday

    Sunday 16 September 2018

    10.30 am Family Worship and Battle of Britain Memorial Service led by the Minister at which we welcome members from the Romsey Branch of the RAF Association and Romsey Air Training Corps.

    6.30 pm    Evening Communion Service led by the Minister

    The week ahead and forthcoming events 

    Monday 17 September

    10.30 am   MOT in Abbey Hall Lounge

    Tuesday 18 September

    9.30 am     Prayer Meeting in Abbey Hall Lounge. Readings to be used: Psalm 54 and Mark 9: 30-37

    10.15 – 11.30 am Grand Fun in Abbey Hall Lounge. For grandparents and their pre-school grandchildren

    Wednesday 19 September

    2.00 – 4.00 pm    Table Tennis with Romsey DAGin Abbey Hall

    Saturday 22 September

    7.00 pm A Night on the Ocean Waves. A concert by Kirsty Newbury in aid of the Explorers’ 2018 charity Mercy Ships.

    Next Sunday

    Sunday 23 September

    10.30 am Family Worship led by Angela Bevan

    6.30 pm Evening Service led by the Minister

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