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Friday, 22 October 2021 10:31


Thank you to all who attended our Church meeting, a resumé of discussions will be published in the December/January magazine.

Such a lovely evening was had by all, last Saturday, at the skittles evening.  Thank you to Carole for organising and Wai for running the raffle

The December/January magazine will be issued next week, including times and dates for the Christmas period.

Thursday, 07 October 2021 17:23

News from Braishfield October 2021

How great it is to see our congregation back in church since our re-opening on 25th July. It is also wonderful to give a warm welcome to Annabel to our congregation. It is so good to have you with us.

Unfortunately, we still have some of our congregation, family members, and friends, who are not too well. Some are recovering from operations and some are receiving treatment. Also, some are having tests for various things and some are waiting for results. We send our love and best wishes to everyone feeling a bit under the weather at the moment.

Our Minister will have dedicated our new table and chairs, (which were given in memory of the late Alice and Andy Jack), for use in our church on 26th September. I hope to report on that service in the next magazine.

Our church was beautifully decorated for our Harvest Festival service, led by David Childs, on 19th September. It went well and our sincere thanks to go to everyone who was involved in any way with decorating the church. It looked lovely once again.

All of the food items brought to the Harvest Gift Service, together with any food items used to decorate the church, have been taken to the Food Bank in Romsey. Unfortunately, we were not able to have a Harvest Supper again this year. Let’s hope we will be able to do so in 2022!

We will be having a Church Meeting on 5th October at 7.30 pm in the church. We invite all members of our congregation, and anyone interested in our church, to come to this. Please come if you can and support the church here in Braishfield.

Last but not least, there are two important and lovely dates I need to tell you about. Our congratulations and best wishes go to:-

Kath who will celebrate her 90th birthday on 24th October.

Margery and Bill who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on 30th October.

Shirley Smith

Thursday, 07 October 2021 17:19

Let there be light

In October we can celebrate the life and work of William Tyndale.  His life was devoted to the translation of the Bible from Latin and Hebrew into the everyday language of the people in the 15th century.   He did all his work of translation in Germany and the Low Countries, as it was forbidden in England.   He famously said, “a boy that driveth the plough” will be able to read the scriptures for himself. The new translations were smuggled into England via the 'cloth routes'.   Merchants came from Europe to the Cotswolds to buy fleeces and wool.   The small Bibles were hidden in bales of cloth.

Tyndale was harried and imprisoned as a heretic and finally burnt at the stake; a martyr in 1536. His beautiful phrases were taken later into the 1611 King James version of the Bible, where we can still read them today:

'Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God'

'Let not your hearts be troubled’

'A new commandment I give unto you,

that you love one another as I have loved you'

‘Ye are the salt of the earth’

On Prison Sunday, 10 October, there will be a speaker from Winchester Prison in Abbey URC to tell us more about his life and work.

Jennifer Prestage

Thursday, 07 October 2021 17:13


In collaboration with Romsey Dementia Action Group (ROMDAG) we will be sharing a service at Abbey URC on Tuesday 9 November, time to be finalised (between 11.30 and 1.30).

Hymns & Praise is self-explanatory, but why Remember 1961?  Well, this was the year that saw the first televised broadcast of the well-loved programme ‘Songs of Praise’. 

We will be looking to include some of the hymns included in that programme and some special memories of that year.  Keep a look out for further details in next month’s Pastorate magazine and the news section of our service sheets!

Andy B

Sunday, 03 October 2021 12:34

Midweek Communion


We have now begun sharing our monthly Thursday morning Communion service in person again!  Anyone from our churches – and wider communities – is welcome to take part.

The next Thursday Communion will begin at 10.30 on 21 October in the Abbey URC Hall Lounge, and thereafter on the 3rs Thursday of the month.  For the time being please bring your own bread and wine.  We look forward to sharing with you!

The basic service outline looks like this:
Opening prayer
The Psalm for the previous Sunday (see Prayer Meeting)
Remembering the Last Supper (using Matthew 26:26-30 or Mark 14:22-26 or Luke 22:14-20)
Prayer before sharing bread and wine (using 1 Corinthians, 11:23-26, or 10:16 & 17)
Sharing in bread and wine (at around 10.45)
Prayers for the world, the church, concerns and celebrations
The Lord’s Prayer
The sharing in the Grace


Friday, 01 October 2021 16:15

Stamps for the Leprosy Mission

Abbey URC have been collecting stamps for The Leprosy Mission. On  25 September, Revd Mike and Ian Caldwell were  able to hand these to Chris Stratta, Community Partnerships  and Regional Manager, South East. The handover took place at the Oasis Christian Centre, which is managed by Angie Nelson.

Andy B

Saturday, 25 September 2021 12:28

Harvest Festival 2021

As its contribution to highlighting the importance of the COP 26 conference in Glasgow later this year, the Fairtrade Foundation challenged all to play their part in helping reverse climate changes by taking action during the Great Big Green Week.  Although this was planned to take place from 18 to 25 September, we at Abbey URC Romsey took this challenge as part of our Harvest Weekend celebrations during the previous weekend.

During Saturday morning we gathered 116 signatures for our petition to Roy Humby, Executive Lead Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council. He is deputy leader of Hampshire County Council and is on the board of Project Integra. 

The petition called on Hampshire County Council to expand the range of plastics we can place in our domestic recycling bins for fortnightly collection.  Representatives from Hampshire County Council, together with all local councils and unitary authorities across Hampshire and Veolia waste collection company, form Project Integra which determines which waste can, or cannot, be collected in our recycling bins.

On Sunday, 12 September we held our Harvest Festival service, with all produce being taken to the Community Pantry in Dukes Mill, the following day.  The Pantry were very grateful for the donations.  The principle of the pantry is to give those in need the opportunity to have a ‘helping hand’ by getting food for a small membership fee per visit.    The members of the pantry will be charged a nominal sum of £5.00 per shop and receive £15 plus worth of goods. 

Although we were small in number as we gathered in the Memorial Park for a picnic after the Harvest Festival service, nevertheless it was a real pleasure to meet up with some Church friends once again. We exchanged greetings and news about families as well as other activities. No masks were required although we kept our distance!

I hope we can find more ways of meeting informally in order to deepen our sense of fellowship. I also hope that such informal gatherings will encourage many friends whom we have not seen at church because of the restrictions to meet up with us once again. I know there has been a great deal of contact on the phone, but that is not the same as face-to-face contact. We hope to see you soon!

Thursday, 09 September 2021 07:16

Prayer Post Box

In the next few weeks our prayer post box will be moving into our church garden.  This is a trial; however, we hope to be able to leave it in the front garden permanently. 

The post-box will be available so that anyone passing by the church can pop a pre-written prayer into the post box at any time.  Currently there will not be paper or pencils available.

Simply tell us what you'd like us to pray for on your behalf on a piece of paper, then pop it into the box. These prayers will be gathered by the Minister and be included in the prayers during the week and on Sundays. You don’t need to be specific or use names - messages are confidential. It's free and there's no catch - we'll say one for you!

Thursday, 09 September 2021 07:05

HARVEST FESTIVAL 11 and 12 September 2021

This year we will be using material from Fairtrade for our harvest celebration and taking part in the “Great Big Green Week”.  This will conclude our third quarter focus on Fairtrade.

Many of those benefitting from better living conditions, due to working with Fairtrade, are also directly affected by global warning.  During this year’s harvest we are asked by Fairtrade to highlight the climate change crisis and encourage everyone to play their part in reducing carbon emissions.  At our Outreach Group meeting in July, we discussed how our domestic waste is recycled.  Many items which producers say can be recycled, cannot be placed in our domestic recycling bin.  The policy determining which materials most of us can recycle is made by Hampshire County Council and Veolia under Project Integra.

As a harvest project we would like to collect as many signatories as possible to send a petition to Councillor Rob Humby, Executive Lead Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council and on the board of Project Integra.  The petition is to ask Hampshire County Council to allow a wider range of recyclable domestic waste through the fortnightly recycling collection system.  The main barriers to recycling more materials is the lack of centres for sorting recycled material; there are currently only two in Hampshire. This lack of facilities can give rise to illegal exports of so-called recycled materials to other countries. 

Would you be able to volunteer to collect these signatures around the town on Saturday, 11 September so as many signatures as possible can be collected on the petition?  This will also be available for you to sign at our Harvest Festival service on 12 September.  If you would like to take part in collecting signatures, please contact me.  If you are unable to attend but would like to sign, please let me know.  We hope to share our petition with other churches and communities within Romsey to widen the reach. If you would like a sheet to share, again, please let me know.

On Sunday, 12 September at our Harvest service we will be collecting dry, tinned and fresh produce which will be taken after the service to the RCS Community Pantry which is based at Unit 7 Dukes Mill in Romsey.  They are very happy to receive our harvest donations.

Please read the News section of the worship sheet for updates on their most popular items.

The principle of the Pantry is to give those in need the opportunity to have a ‘helping hand’, by getting food for a small membership fee per visit.  The Pantry provides a wide range of fresh, frozen and ambient food, giving households reassurance, support to manage and budget and reducing food entering land fill.  Their opening hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am-12 noon; twilight hours on Wednesdays 4pm-6pm. 

Following our Harvest service on 12 September, weather permitting, we propose to hold a Harvest Fairtrade picnic in the Memorial Park. If the weather is inclement, we will use the hall. 

There is no need to sign up to attend, just arrive in the park for 12 noon with your Fairtrade Picnic.  How many Fairtrade items can you include in your picnic hamper? Come and share your picnic recipes. We look forward to seeing you there.

Andy Bevan

Wednesday, 01 September 2021 11:16

Christian Aid Update September 2021

The Romsey Committee of Christian Aid are delighted to have raised a total of £4,866.99 to date, with 2 major fund-raising events still to come. 

On 2 October the committee is planning another book stall in the Market Place.  We have plenty of books to sell but do need buyers to buy them! So, book the date and meet us there.

Also, John Reeves from Romsey Baptist Church is seeking sponsors for a sponsored cycle ride.  John plans to ride 100 miles over 4 days, 25 miles a day.  His thoughts are to time it during either the week before half term in October, or perhaps during the half term as he hopes that children will be enthused to join in even if they only ride a few miles.  He is going to plan 4 routes, one to each of east, west, north and south of Romsey, and suggests that a good starting point is the Co-op at Abbotswood.  More details in next month’s magazine.

We are urgently looking for a representative from Abbey URC to serve on the local committee.  If you would like to be involved with helping the local committee raise awareness, and much needed funds for Christian Aid, please contact me.

Andy Bevan

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    10.30 Morning worship for 1st Sunday in Advent led by Revd Mike Perrott


    28 November 2021  

    18.30 Christian Aid Advent Service


    1 December 2021 2pm-4pm - Kettle's On - in Abbey Hall Lounge

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