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Commitment for Life

Commitment for Life

This is the World Development programme of the United Reformed Church. It works through Christian Aid and 'Global Justice Now' to bring hope and new life to those living in poverty. For more information visit
Our Church in Romsey has chosen to focus on the needs of Israel/Palestine.
Money we collect at coffee times, and at other opportunities during the year, is for Commitment for Life.
At this Christmas Season of 2015 we are collecting money for Olive Tree Planting. This is sponsored by East Jerusalem YMCA. Last year we sent enough for the purchase of 45 olive tree saplings to replace ones destroyed in outbreaks of violence.

Thank you to all who contributed to the collection at Christmas.  The money (£208) for cards sent to the fellowship and pinned on the board was enough for 14 trees.   The olive tree, an eternal symbol of peace and prosperity, continues to be a vital part of the economy for the Palestinian people in their struggle for peace with justice in their homeland.

PARC is in the news again. This is the organisation (Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee) that we first started to support after Amy Roberts visited the Holy Land about 15 years ago. Now, as a Christian Aid Partner in Gaza they have been supplying clean water and food to communities after the recent conflicts. PARC still helps people to rebuild their farms and poultry units. Nimer, a chicken farmer whose farm had been destroyed, writes:

“We need to be able to live in the same way as people in other nations. We need to be able to live in peace and to see our children growing up safely”

Read more of his story at the church display. Copies of Commitment for Life booklets are there too.

These fragrant ingredients are in gentle olive oil soaps from Nablaus on the West Bank of Palestine.    Bottles of olive oil and the soaps will be on sale at the back of the church supporting our ‘Commitment for Life’ appeal.

This year Christian Aid is celebrating its 70th anniversary. In the space of one lifetime, millions of lives have been transformed through the collective efforts of churches and supporters like you.

Commitment for Life is an example of the long-term support that enables us to tackle not just the symptoms of poverty but also those things that can prevent people lifting themselves out of poverty, such as the devastating effects of climate change..........

In Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory we have focussed on the terrible aftermath of the recent conflict in Gaza – and a young father who cannot even imagine a future for his children anymore....

As we look ahead to the coming year, know that I am humbled by your unwavering commitment to love your global neighbours to help them rebuild their lives when tragedy strikes and to celebrate their successes.

Bless you and thank you.
Loretta Minghella, Chief Executive, Christian Aid

The full text of Loretta Minghella's letter can be read on the board at the back of the Church.

A story from the Occupied Palestinian Territory. It is now 48 years that Israel has occupied Palestine. The work of policing goes on with only an occasional glimmer of humanity.

*Alwyn Knight writes:-

A young Palestinian approached the checkpoint – one which we regularly monitor at school times. He was using a zimmer frame with his right foot held above the ground. He really needed crutches but the frame was all he had. He looked exhausted. All the weight of his body was borne by his arms, and his progress was painfully slow. Near the checkpoint he sank to the ground, helped by a friend who was accompanying him. Two soldiers left the checkpoint and approached. We couldn't hear the conversation, and wouldn't have understood it anyway, but their demeanour was friendly and clearly solicitous.

Their actions spoke louder than any words. A few minutes later they opened the barrier that straddled the road, and allowed a Palestinian car – the first I have ever seen on this stretch of road for ten years – to back to where the young man lay on the pavement. Then they helped the Palestinian and his walking frame into the car.

Not quite a modern parable of Good Samaritan, and a small enough gesture of human kindness, but very welcome on these mean streets. It's just sad that in Hebron this is newsworthy.

Rev. Alwyn Knight is a retired URC minister who regularly travels to Palestine and reports on his experiences there.


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