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Hi God!

In February the Explorers explored the Lord's Prayer and on they shared their thoughts with the congregation.  They realised that, although they said it every week, they did not know what it all meant. Once they had worked it out, they decided to write it in simple language and rearrange it a little so it made sense to them. Since prayer is a conversation with God, they wanted to sound friendly. Here is their version.


"Dear God - wow, even your name is special
You are everywhere and everything belongs to you
Please make sure we have what we need to survive
We will try to live the way you want us to
 but please forgive us when we get it wrong
We will forgive people for what they have done wrong
Help us to make the right choices and keep us safe
You are the ruler of the world, and you are in charge.
Thank you always and forever.
I agree, the end."


Now they understand what they are saying, but they like the traditional version used in church because it is special and it joins them with friends across the world when they say it.


  • This Sunday 

    Sunday 8 December – Second Sunday in Advent 

    10.30 am Family Worship & Toy Service led by Revd Dr Gwen Collins

    6.30 pm     Advent Carol Service

    Forthcoming Events

    Please note Trinity Music Exams will be held during the days Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th December

    Monday 9 December 

    10.30 am Combined BALM and MOT in Abbey Hall Lounge

    7.30 pm     Amnesty International card signing in Abbey Hall Lounge with festive refreshments

    Tuesday 10 December

    10.15 am   Grand Fun in Abbey Hall Lounge

    12.30 pm   Lunch Club in Abbey Hall

    Wednesday 11 December

    2.00–4.00 pm Kettle’s On-Time for Tea in Abbey Hall Lounge 

    2.00–4.00 pm Table Tennis with RomDAG in Abbey Hall

    Thursday 12 December

    10.30 am Short Communion Service in Abbey Hall Lounge followed by refreshments 

    Saturday 14 December

    9.30 am     Sorting of church Christmas cards

    9.30 am     Working party around the church

    Tuesday 17 December

    12.30 pm   Rum’s Eg Christmas Concert – Tidings of Comfort and Joy

    Sunday 22 December

    10.30 am Family Service including Pioneers’ Christmas presentation led by the Minister

    6.30 pm     Christmas Candle-light Service

    Tuesday 24 December

    4.30 pm     Nativity Service

    11.30 pm   Midnight Communion

    Wednesday 25 December – Christmas Day

    9.30 am     Short Christmas Day service at Braisfield

    10.30 am   Christmas Day Service at Romsey. Both services led by the Minister

    Next Sunday

    Sunday 15 December

    Church Christmas Cards available for collection

    10.30 am Family Service led by the Revd Keith Thomasson

    2.30 pm     Romsey Ladies Choir concert with pp BRASS

    6.30 pm     Evening Communion Service led by the Minister, in Abbey Hall Lounge

    Christmas Services

    Sunday 22 December

    6.30 pm Candlelight Service

    Tuesday 24 December

    4.30 pm Christmas Eve children's service. Come and dress up as one (or more) characters as we retell the Christmas story.

    11.30 pm Midnight Communion all welcome

    Christmas Day

    10.30 am Family worship

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