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Prayer for February 2020


My grandson Joel is four years old and loves trains as many boys his age do. One of his favourite places to visit is Romsey Signal Box, a working museum which is a 'hands on' place to learn about trains, how to operate points and raise/lower signals.  There is also an opportunity to hear a talk which gives an insight into a life of a railway signalman years ago when things were done manually and by phone rather than with computers.

It was hard work and long hours with big responsibility. Mistakes would cause accidents and a potential loss of life. There were extremely busy times, many trains coming at the same time and then long gaps between but one had to stay alert all the time.

Life is often like this. Much of the time we experience a very ordinary everyday routine but we also have special festivals and celebrations, something to look forward to.

Waiting an hour for a bus in cold rain may seem a long time but waiting for something of which we are afraid is much harder; waiting for the unknown, illness to take its course, waiting for healing, injustice or suffering to end or our prayers to be answered. We need patience and encouragement.

In the midst of all our hopes and dreams for today or for the future we can be certain that God is always awake. God does not leave us or forsake us whatever this new year brings to us personally or to our families or to our wider communities. 

It has been said that God's phone number is 5015 because in Psalm 50, verse 15 it says: 'Then if you call me in time of trouble, I shall come to your rescue, and you will honour me.'

In and through prayer we have this opportunity to communicate with God and also bring others to God in prayer who are perhaps too tired or unable to pray for themselves.

'Lord Jesus, in your mercy heal us. In your love and tenderness remake us. In your compassion bring grace and forgiveness. For the beauty of heaven may your love prepare us.'   St Anselm (1033-1109)


Leena Knowles 


  • This Sunday 

    Sunday 16 February

    10.30 am Family worship led by Derek Hiscocks.

    6.30 pm     Evening communion service in Abbey Hall Lounge led by the Minister

    Forthcoming events

    Monday 17 February

    10.30 am MOT in Abbey Hall Lounge

    Wednesday 19 February

    2.00–4.00 pm Kettle’s On-Time for Tea in Abbey Hall Lounge 

    2.00-4.00 pm Table Tennis with RomDAG in Abbey Hall

    7.30 pm Fabric Group in Minister’s Vestry

    Thursday 20 February

    10.30 am Prayer Meeting in Abbey Hall Lounge

    Friday 21 February

    7.30 pm Badminton in Abbey Hall

    Wednesday 26 February

    6.00 pm Ash Wednesday service

    Sunday 1 March 

    10.30 am Communion Service – launch of Pioneers’ 2020 charity

    Saturday 7 March

    10.00am – 2.00 pm church open for Fairtrade sales and refreshments

    Sunday 8 March

    10.30 am Fairtrade service

    2020 Christian Aid Lent Lunches

    Fridays in Lent, 12 noon – 1.30pm.

    Come along for lunch and some fun while raising money for Christian Aid. All over the UK, people are joining their local Lent Lunches and fuelling themselves to fight poverty. You’re warmly invited to join us 

    6th    March   Methodist Church at Methodist Hall

    13th  March   St Joseph’ at Abbey Church Rooms 

    20th  March   Baptist Church at Baptist Hall

    27th  March   U.R.C at Abbey Hall

    3rd    April     Abbey at Church Rooms 

    Suggested donation  £4.

    Next Sunday

    Sunday 23 February

    10.30 am Family worship led by the Minister.

    6.30 pm Discussion Group in Abbey Hall Lounge


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