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The congregation were asked to write down their wishes for the new year. Click on this "Word Picture" to see them all.

Welcome to our Church

Known locally as the “Church by the arch” we are just off the Square in the centre of Romsey - the archway was the gateway to the old Benedictine Abbey. Our church family welcomes everyone. We are an open fellowship, welcoming all denominations to join us in our church.

Each Sunday we have all age worship at 10.30am. Our young people join us for part of the service and then join their own groups.

Our sister church is in the village of Braishfield, opposite the village hall. Founded in 1818 its friendly and active congregation plays a valuable part in the life of the village.

Our minister, Revd Mike Perrott, MA joined us on 5 November 2016. He was welcomed by the congregation of this church and Braishfield URC, civic representatives, representatives from the other churches and the business community.



Every child is special. It is good to celebrate the gift of new life and to give thanks to God. We welcome children and adults and offer two services: a service of Baptism (sometimes known as ‘Christening) or a service of thanksgiving and blessing . The sacrament normally takes place within the 10.30 am Sunday Worship.

For further information please contact the Minister, Revd Michael Perrott 01794 512163; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you wish a service in the church as part of your funeral arrangements and to give thanks for a person's life, please contact the Minister, Revd Michael Perrott 01794 512163; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Set in the heart of an ancient market town the our church is a is a charming place to celebrate your wedding!
For further information please contact the Minister, Revd Michael Perrott 01794 512163; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • 24 May 2020 - Sunday Worship

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    You may find this list of opportunities to access services/Christian content on radio/TV and on-line helpful:
     the Daily Service at 9.45 on Radio 4 long-wave
     The Sunday Service on Radio 4 at 8.10am
     Songs of Praise Sunday 1.15pm ish on BBC1
     Choral Evensong Sunday Radio 3 at 3pm and repeated on Wednesday Radio 3 at 3.30pm
     Tim Daykin Radio Solent Sunday 6-9am for worship songs, interesting information and a feeling of connectedness




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The rainbow – a sign of hope



It has been heart-warming and affirming to see images of rainbows appearing in so many different places, in so many different forms, all across the UK and through many other countries of the world. Children’s paintings in windows, home-made banners, even flower-beds have been created in the colours and form of a rainbow to help spread joy in what are, for so many people, somewhat bleak times.


It all started as a campaign to spread a message of hope after schools closed in response to the coronavirus outbreak.


School pupils, unable to meet with friends and attend lessons, were encouraged to display their rainbow paintings to take part in what has been called the ‘cheerful windows campaign’. A reporter commented, "Signs are going up in windows all over … and will really help maintain morale for children (and families) in these difficult times."


The rainbow is important as a sign of hope and of God’s love for us all too. Remember the story of Noah. After all the destruction and chaos of the flood, God sets a ‘bow’ in the sky as a reminder of the covenant between God and all humanity - and all the created world (see Genesis 9:8-17). God promises never to bring destruction to the earth again in the form of a flood and, I would suggest, we can include any kind of natural disaster, or disease. This is particularly important for us today, as some Christian people are saying that the present Covid-19 outbreak is God’s punishment on a sinful world.


This is certainly not the way of the God of love in whom I believe and trust. No, the God of love in whom I believe and trust is not in destructive forces like wind, earthquake or fire, but in the gentleness of a healing breath of air (see 1 Kings 19:11-12).


So, the rainbow, in all its variety of colour, is a reminder of God’s desire for a loving relationship with all people and all creation and a symbol of hope and encouragement especially in times of hardship.


Thinking of the colours of the rainbow, I recall being taught at school a rather ‘nonsense’ phrase to help remember the colours of the rainbow in their order: “Richard Of York Gained Battles In Vain” – the first letters of each word referring to: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet!


Now, here’s a challenge for you for the week to come – can you take the colours of the rainbow in order and make a prayer, or a message of hope and of God’s loving care for us? Here is my attempt – do let me or Sarah have yours and we may be able to include them in future weekly news sheets as a way of bringing encouragement and cheer to each other (you may find a dictionary handy!).


Reflecting On Your God Brings Inspiring Verse

(the colours of the rainbow)


You might like to try this in reverse order too, beginning with the ‘V’! Good luck and God bless!



If you would like to read the Scripture verses at the weekly on-line Sunday service please contact Mike.


Also, let Mike know if you have particular prayer requests (for yourself or others) in these challenging and uncertain times and If you would like to contribute a prayer, poem or reflection for the weekly Sunday service outline.


MinisterRevd Mike Perrott