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The congregation were asked to write down their wishes for the new year. Click on this "Word Picture" to see them all.

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Known locally as the “Church by the arch” we are just off the Square in the centre of Romsey - the archway was the gateway to the old Benedictine Abbey. Our church family welcomes everyone. We are an open fellowship, welcoming all denominations to join us in our church.

Each Sunday we have all age worship at 10.30am. Our young people join us for part of the service and then join their own groups.

Our sister church is in the village of Braishfield, opposite the village hall. Founded in 1818 its friendly and active congregation plays a valuable part in the life of the village.

Our minister, Revd Mike Perrott, MA joined us on 5 November 2016. He was welcomed by the congregation of this church and Braishfield URC, civic representatives, representatives from the other churches and the business community.



Every child is special. It is good to celebrate the gift of new life and to give thanks to God. We welcome children and adults and offer two services: a service of Baptism (sometimes known as ‘Christening) or a service of thanksgiving and blessing . The sacrament normally takes place within the 10.30 am Sunday Worship.

For further information please contact the Minister, Revd Michael Perrott 01794 512163; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you wish a service in the church as part of your funeral arrangements and to give thanks for a person's life, please contact the Minister, Revd Michael Perrott 01794 512163; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Set in the heart of an ancient market town the our church is a is a charming place to celebrate your wedding!
For further information please contact the Minister, Revd Michael Perrott 01794 512163; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • 5 April 2020

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    You may find this list of opportunities to access services/Christian content on radio/TV and on-line helpful:
     the Daily Service at 9.45 on Radio 4 long-wave
     The Sunday Service on Radio 4 at 8.10am
     Songs of Praise Sunday 1.15pm ish on BBC1
     Choral Evensong Sunday Radio 3 at 3pm and repeated on Wednesday Radio 3 at 3.30pm
     Tim Daykin Radio Solent Sunday 6-9am for worship songs, interesting information and a feeling of connectedness




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“Pray always”


The other day while walking through town (having done some ‘essential’ shopping!) I found myself chatting with someone I recognised as being a Romsey resident but didn’t know by name.  She shared with me her concern about a family member, a consultant in the NHS, and the risk she was taking every day of contracting Covid-19 because she was in such close contact with people who were ill with the Virus. 


I could empathise.  Two members of my family are ‘front-line’ NHS workers, and two others volunteering – all coming into close contact with very poorly people and, like every single one of the medical, nursing and supporting member of the NHS staff, are selflessly serving people at their deepest physical and emotional need.  The lady I was chatting with and I parted after affirming how important it is to continue to pray, to meet the spiritual needs of people too, even though it does not feel so easy to do sometimes.


Yes, sometimes it feels like a real struggle to pray, because of the difficult situations we find ourselves in; in our deep concern for friends and loved-ones.  Sometimes we find it difficult to concentrate, what with so many worldly concerns going on around us.  I remember how, when Paul was in prison (as we might feel we are imprisoned if we are self-isolating), he wrote to the church community in Colossae of a fellow prisoner and tireless worker for Christ who was striving to pray for them:


 “Epaphras, who is one of you and a servant of Christ Jesus, sends greetings. He is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured.” (Colossians 4:12)


Wrestling in prayer, that’s a picture isn’t it!  Maybe we can relate to this in our prayer, amid the present times.  Yet as much as we may feel so isolated let us remember that, even as Paul was experiencing such great loneliness in prison, he also felt strongly connected to his fellow Christians – by prayer.  They were all praying for each other, for the often chaotic and hazardous world around them, for loved ones.  They were connected by, and found such huge comfort and encouragement through, prayer!


So let us follow Jesus’ advice and ‘pray always’ as in the story he told of the persistence of the widow who would not give up (Luke 18:1-5).  Let us pray for one another, for our loved ones; let us honestly express our fears and anxieties to God, and let us remember to pray for all those tirelessly working in the NHS, in government, and in the world of science and technology, for our health and wellbeing.


This time last week the number of people world-wide who have made full recovery from the Virus was in excess of 79,000. Now it is more than 160.000 (as at 30.03.2020)


If you would like to contribute a prayer, poem or reflection for the weekly Sunday service outline please contact Mike.


MinisterRevd Mike Perrott